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Massasoit Community College

Leaders in the Classroom

Lead Generation / Nurture​

From 2016 - 2018

• Increased Applications by 14%

• Decreased the Cost Per Lead by $52

• 29% growth in Organic Search

• Increased:

unique site visitors | course searches | phone calls 

Massassoit Community College was losing market share of applicants to local universities and needed a dynamic strategy to consistently attract and enroll new students.

Tactics were discerned by auditing current website analytics and marketing methods; determining demographics of potential new students; ensuring all brand touch-points were accounted for; weighing budget with available mediums and resources; negotiating best rates with vendors; and identifying pitfalls for student dropout.

The plan included a mix of television; live open house events; paid social media campaigns; calculated and aggressive Google Search tactics; behavioral digital display; outdoor advertising, direct mail, and both digital and traditional radio.

A CRM was recommended, as well as an automated but personal lead nurture email strategy, to not only standardize the process and alleviate daily duties from the Admissions team, but to also assist in keeping communications open to current students in order to dissuade future drop-outs.

Case Studies: Case Studies
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Case Study

McSweeney & Ricci Insurance

A New Brand & Comprehensive Marketing Strategy  |  2019 - 2020

• Increased Personal Insurance new business by $390K

• Grew Commercial Insurance by $215K

• Added 16 new Private Client Group customers

McSweeney & Ricci Insurance needed guidance in a rebrand and with a marketing strategy to compete against the giants in the industry. 

Leading a team of designers and copywriters, I developed a modern and unique new brand for the personal and commercial insurance company, based on insights from surveys, interviews and focus groups with current/potential customers and employees; SWOT analysis, and any available existing research. 

Marketing strategies were identified, developed and evaluated based on knowledge of company objectives, market trends, competitors, and potential customer demographics. 

Tactics included: Google Search, Programmatic Digital Display Ads, paid Facebook advertising, Pandora & traditional radio, direct mail, hyper-local print publications, LinkedIn in-mail, community sponsorships, and planned organic and aggregated social media content calendars. 

Case Studies: Welcome

Case Study

VNA Care

Recruitment  |  2017 - 2020

• Decreased overall cost per application by $274

• Decreased CPC by $2.97

CTR well above industry standard

• Continued increases in phone calls, job views, and number of clicks per campaign

VNA Care could not find Registered Nurses willing to join their team, and was paying an exorbitant amount per lead for the positions they could recruit. They were relying on services like and free online job boards, which often sent unqualified or repeat candidates.

Instead of waiting for potential employees to come to us, I pushed my team to create aggressive, but cost-effective measures to target both the passive and active job-seekers in market. 

Google Search ads met active job hunters due to our tactical bidding process, while programmatic digital display ads found the passive potential candidates wherever they surfed the web. To round out the plan, we included Facebook advertising based on occupation/industry, and worked with local newspapers to negotiate traditional classified print ads as well.

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Case Studies: Case Studies
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